Information in advance

Dear Guest,

We welcome you to the EigenArt Apartments.

Our motto is: " Berlin experience?- Relax and enjoy it! "

Please feel free to ask us any questions.

We are here to help you.

Fritz Kruschke


By 11:00 o`clock in the morning. On departure, please leave the apartment key on the kitchen table and close the door from outside. (Please don't leave the key in the front door.) if you wish to extend your stay in our apartment, please inform the Reception.


Dial an "0", on the Telephone, and you will get a dialling tone.


From 14:00 o'clock. An earlier check-in may be possible if your apartment has not been occupied the day before. You can also leave your baggage with us if you arrive early (please arrange this when you book) or after check out.

Medical practitioners/ Pharmacy

At the end of the Neue Hochstr. No. 24 (turn left from the house, left side of the street, approx. 300m) is the Hochplatz Pharmacy. If there is no emergency service available at that time, they will post the location of the closest emergency pharmacy. Tel.: 4977 1181.

By dialling 112 you can contact the emergency doctor of the Berlin fire brigade.


You will find information about sights in Berlin and Brandenburg in the documents with this pamphlet . .


Can be made available to you without surcharge


Are provided. Clean towels are available when you wish.


Are available from us

Bread-Roll Service

Fresh bread rolls are available in the morning after arrangements with us. In working days we offer to you this service from 6:40 AM, on the week-ends from approx. 8:30 AM. The bread roll prices are 0,50 cent/bread roll and the service 1 euro/day.

Café Achteck

Because of its form were from the green painted metal and finished today in the city hardly loving-to-find urinals by Berliners' Café octagon "called. A beautiful example of the historic urinal was at the Neue Hochstr. Liesenstr corner right outside our door. (In the photo already locked)

The green-house toilet come from the 19 Century. They were placed in the period in which Berlin has grown explosively and escalated the hygienic problems in the city. The Berlin Police President Madai should have come up with the idea, which would explain why the houses were called by their users also Madai Temple. In the 90 years of piss-temple to the chagrin of nearby residents was torn down, had to resign themselves after the old hygiene problems as customary law in their own entrances.



Our apartments opened in1995. Previously they were used by Mr. Seruset, a friend of the family, as an artist's studio. After the opening of the wall, Mr. Seruset moved his studios to the Panzer Halls, a former military area in Potsdam, where he now works together with other artists. The original artworks hanging in the apartments are from the collections of Seruset and Arnskötter. This is also the origin of the name of the apartments.


The nearest grocery store (Aldi) is about 300m away. You can find the discount in the Court Street. 2-3.

You leave the house and go left to the junction. Here is a small kiosk where you can get sandwiches and other small items (cigarettes, newspapers, milk) Right at the intersection to the next intersection. Here you will see the Aldi logo on the right.


If your computer has no WLAN, we have an USB Wireless LAN Stick for your laptop, free of charge; or you can borrow a WLAN laptop from us to use, for a fee


Are available to you for a fee. The use of the bicycles is the guests' own responsibility and we provide NO theft insurance, accident insurance or liability insurance.


More than 40 cable programs are available. Please use the remotes for the TV and the cable box.


If you choose to use our breakfast service, we will put breakfast in your apartment fridge the night before and in the morning fresh bread rolls will be hung on your door. Please make arrangements with reception.


We have a relaxing garden that can be used but it is shared by all of the apartments in the building.


Towels are provided.


Pets are not allowed in consideration of the comfort of other guests.


Our WLAN-Internet connection provides a fast and reliable service.


Available in your apartment for you, separate from our Breakfast Service.


Are unfortunately not accepted. You can however pay cash or with a check.


We are reliant upon feedback and would appreciate any comments about our flats and/or services. We thank you in advance for any feedback given.


The kitchen has dishes and cutlery for 6 people. If you are missing anything or need additional items, please feel free to contact us. Use of the kitchen is free, but consumption of the beverages from the minibar will incur costs.


Can arranged by us.

Food delivery

Some restaurants offer a food delivery service. A pizza, for example, would take around 30 minutes.

Berlin Wall

You are located in the old west part of Berlin. The west-district "Wedding" and the east-district "Mitte" have been combined in the new district Berlin-Mitte.

The former sector-border lies just in front of our house and its path runs from the Liesenstr. up to the Chausseestr.

All border crossings in Berlin have been provided by artists with illustrations. At our transition you see in the former border strip in the sidewalk embedded Kaninschenreliefs hopping around the artist Karla Sachse brass.


There is a minibar for your use containing six bottles of mineral water, six bottles of beer and one bottle of red and white wine as well as a bottle of sparkling wine to moderate prices. Please order new beverages on demand; the priceist is contained on the inside of the minibar-door.

Modem / Stick

Eine-Modemkarte oder Stick stellen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.

Neue Hochstraße. 53

Houses can know, tell stories. Short excerpts of the history of the house New High Street. 53:

Borsig built at the end of the 19th century in the highway road. Steam locomotives for the railways and Schwartzkopff built equipment for the heavy industry.

Our house was built in 1871 by the filing manufacturer shore of the tools created for the traditional heavy industries in the area. Lived here in the upper floors at the turn of the century on one floor every three families in a living room kitchen and a sheep In the Belle floor (1st floor) lived the homeowner shore with his family. In the basement there was a filing workshop, and in the annex of the house of the stables. Here is now the apartment "Park".

The friend of the family bank, Catholic Nuncio to the German Reich, Eugenio Pacelli, later Pope Pius XII (1876-1958), went into the 20's in-house and off.

On 20 July 1933 Pacelli negotiated with Franz von Papen, the Reich Concordat, which included a renunciation of political activity of the clergy, but was to secure the material and institutional position of the Catholic Church in the German Reich. After the death of Pope Pius XI In February 1939, Pacelli was on 2 March was elected pope. He died on 9 October 1958 when Pope Pius XII.

During the Second World War the house in the last days of the war was hit by a firebomb. The roof and the top two floors were gutted by fire completely. Since the owners could afford the repairs no longer have the resources, the 4 Floor covered temporarily with a cheap flat roof. Beginning of the 80 years should be demolished as part of the object of neighborhood redevelopment. It was in a miserable state. Bullet holes and hatches open window in the façade revealed still the wounds of the War.



The former inhabitants of the house but wanted to prevent the demolition, and founded the association "Life in the Wedding Association" who bought the house and help themselves with support from the state of Berlin was repaired. Meanwhile, this dissolved and the house was transferred to the remaining members until then.



In an emergency please contact us.
Kruschke family – on the first floor of the house or call the telephone number for Reception 030/ 46507501 (in house **610)
Police emergency call 110
Fire brigade 112

Parking Spaces

Public parking spaces are available in the surrounding streets for free and there are usually some right in front of the house.


A mailbox is in the Chaussestr. on the right side of the tubestation-entrance.

A radio is available in your appartement.


is not desirable in all our apartments. Instead, you can smoke in the greenery of our backyard garden.


The final cleaning of your apartment is included in your room rate. If you temporarily need a cleaning of the apartment, please send us your message.


A nice pizza place at really low prices can be found at the end of the Neue Hochstr. 27 (two houses next to the pharmacy), or at Wedding Place (U-Bhf. Reinickendorfer St.). If you want to experience a typical Berlin corner bar, where even the former Labor Minister Norbert Bluem went, while living in the neighborhood, you are in Grenzeck (compared to the baker's) spot-on.

In addition, Hacketahla's Pflugstrasse 11 (the U-Bahn station. Schwartzkopffstr. Wöhlertstr left on.) Highly recommended. (German cuisine, comfortable and down to earth) or for the high claim the dining room of Sahra Wiener Straße 8 in the road (nearest tube station Natural History Museum).

Otherwise, drive to the two stops on the metro from the metro station. Schwartzkopffstraße to Oranienburger Tor. Here are the international culinary delights at a very short distance.


Ring the bell "Rezeption Eigenart-Appartement"
From your apartment you can call us by pressing the "Reception" button on the telephone. From outside, dial our number +49-30-46507501.

Available for your use free of charge.

With a EURO Check You are welcome to settle your account with us. Credit card payment is not possible.

City map

Also available in the apartment.

Tandem bike

Relax with your partner on a tandem bike in the streets of Berlin. The bicycle can be rented for 15€ per day. Use of the tandem is at your own risk and we do not provide any liability insurance or accident insurance.




Berlin, relax and enjoy it!.


The nearest taxi rank is located on Weddingplatz/Ecke Müllerstr.
To call a taxi you can also dial 4659900, which is the number of the taxi rank. The taxi will wait in front of the house in about 3 minutes. This number is also stored in your apartment telephone under "Taxi"
We can also order a taxi for you.


The apartments can be reached by telephone with the following numbers:
AP "Stadt":   +49-30- 83103731
AP "Garten": +49-30-83103657
AP "Park":    +49-30-83103658
You can call free of charge in-house (apt to apt):
AP "Stadt":   **613
AP "Garten": **615
AP "Park":     **51
One telephone-unit of the German Telekom costs 0,20 €. You can check the charge at any time by pressing the function key "Entgelt".



Vor der Laterne

Fontane u.a.

Directly to the U-Bahn station. Schwartzkopffstraße. there was the history-prone area of the Fusilier Guards barracks (barracks beetle) This name derives from the fact that the battalions of the Guard Reserve Infantry Regiment annual flight time of the beetles in late April / early May to drill in Potsdam came together. The nickname was transferred to the successor regiment and its barracks. 1915 was Hans Leip (1893-1984) in the barracks, in the guardhouse, he wrote the text of the Second World War became famous song "Lilly Marlene". After the capture of the barracks in the November Revolution when on 9 11. 1918 workers Erich Habersaath dropped, brotherhood part of the regiment with the revolutionaries. Later, the barracks was temporarily empty, was occupied by police and army units. After the destruction in World War II was on the grounds that Walter-Ulbricht-Stadion (bitch Stadium) which was renamed in the 70s on the occasion of World Youth Festival in the World Youth Stadium. On the weekends was to hear from there over the wall of the East Berlin of cheering football fans when the 1 FC Union Berlin there on enemy soil of the hostile club BFC Dynamo Berlin had scored a goal.

We are expanding the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) on this historic ground on its new presence in the capital with over 3,000 employees.

Prior to your apartment at the Berlin Wall at the Liesenstraße, traces of the division of Berlin are to "understand" yet.

Here on the border strip lying in the cemeteries of the French community, buried Old Cathedral Cemetery and the Catholic cemetery of St. Hedwig, among others: the writer Theodor Fontane, the theologian Carl Sunshine, the famous Adlon family, farmer, Egell Patzenhofer and many others. be mentioned yet was the poet Ernst Thrasolt and the famous Wilhelmine Enke - Countess of Lichfield, who was the mistress of King Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia. Also the inventor of shorthand, Heinrich August Wilhelm Stolze has been buried here.

Wake-up Call

In the apartment you will find an electronic clock for your use, or you can also use the alarm function of your telephone. If you like, we can wake you up personally with a wake up call on the telephone.


The apartments have a wireless network connection, you can use to build a fast connection to your laptop to the Internet.

You need to access the wireless network guest access EigenArt still access key, which we will gladly send you personally.

And you're there.

The pages you visit on the net, you are responsible. We assume no case any resulting from this liability or stroll through the virtual worlds.


The Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH (Tourist Bureau) advertises with the slogan: "Experiencing so much of Berlin for so little money!" They provide a "Welcome Card" containing vouchers for 50% price reductions on a wide range of tourist and cultural attractions as well as 3 days of free use of public transport, which you can purchase.

And now Berlin experience. We hope you feel comfortable in your apartement.